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It’s simple. We’re here for you.

Proud to serve the greater Columbus area

The Spirit of BEI

It's really simple but most can't or won't do it.

We take care of YOU, our customers. We treat you and your home or business with respect, from the initial phone call until the job is competed. We place the highest value on customer satisfaction because we believe a satisfied customer is the strongest currency. We work tirelessly to earn positive reviews and recommendations to family and friends.

We take care of OUR people...our installation crews, our office staff, sales team and our suppliers & vendors. Everyone associated with making the customer happy has critical importance with us. Why? We believe if our crew members come to the jobsite in a positive frame of mind or if our office staff is in a good mood when they field your phone call they will perform at a high level. If they are invested and focused on the OUR CLIENTS 100% SATISFACTION then the clients get the best job installation possible and a positive customer service experience, which is our ultimate objective.

This goes beyond a mission statement or words on a wall. These are our guiding principals. They shape our actions and reactions. You can trust that we will treat you and your home with the utmost respect.


We're 100% Client Focused
We make it our mission to treat every homeowner with respect

The majority of home service contractors preach about customer service and it's importance to their business but do they actually follow through? How do their sales people make you feel? Are you being treated with respect? If you had to think about these questions then you should give a call when your home is in need of service. We are ready to treat you and your home with care & respect.


Made in the Midwest Pledge